7 Trends That You Don’t Want to Skip This Summer!


In case you missed out on the memo of all the things trending this summer, here’s a list of all our favorite looks we picked up from the fashion runways and street style so far.

1. The Return of the ‘SHALWARS’
Yes, you read it right. After practically an entire decade, who would’ve thought the ‘shalwar’ would make its come back and that too in such a snazzy way?!

Shalwars are back in fashion!
Photo: Facebook

Not to anyone’s surprise, women were slightly dubious about the look until the crème de la crème of the Pakistani Fashion world started sporting this traditional garb. Nida Azwer, being one of them, showed an incorporation of ritzy shalwars in the preview of her summer collection/2016. And so, eventually, the shalwar made an exclusive ‘return’ with the lawn collections of other fashion moguls including Maria.B, Nilofer Shahid and the lawn enthusiasts current favorite Farah Talib Aziz of the ‘Crimson’ fame.

2. The Tulip obsession:
Speaking of shalwars, the hottest new fashion obsession this summer are the tulip shalwars/pants! Anyone and everyone who’s even remotely into experimenting with style owns a pair of these groovy loose ‘dhoti’ style pants, which incidentally work out perfectly for the blistering summer heat. This trend has been ‘all the rage’ on social media lately, posting snaps of celebrities and fashionista’s flaunting their tulip-shaped pantaloons.

Tulip Shalwars are the new FAD!
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The ‘tulip-craze’ was further heightened when eminent faces including Alia Bhatt, Urwa Hocane, Amina sheikh, Elan’s Khadija Shah and Lollywood’s ‘it girl’ Mahira Khan were spotted wearing them repeatedly, and you know what they say: if it’s on Instagram, it’s the new fad. 😉

3. Embrace the ‘cold shoulder’ (pun not intended)
From Blouses to choli’s, and even lawn kurta’s, the cold shoulder and off-shoulders, are undoubtedly the snazziest yet bold trend for this summer.

Off shoulder tops are freaking the girls out!
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All fashionistas are ranting about how off- and cold shoulders, together with a fun bun or ponytail, is their favorite summer trend so far. In addition to that, fashion forecasters also deem that this Parisian look may stay in style for quite some time. So you’re lucky if you have a set of well-defined collar bones because it’s a super dapper way to flaunt them.

4. The 2 C’s: Capes and cuts
Capes and avant-garde cuts are perhaps every fashion diva’s favorite obsession this year.

Capes and Wraps all the way!
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A cape, even if it’s fabricated from something as simple as lawn, can make it look extremely high fashion and its fashion-forward cut is flattering for all shapes and sizes. All fashion labels, you name it, have embraced capes, unconventional and super trendy cuts in their respective collections. Sania Maskatiya, Farah Talib Aziz and Layla Chatoor’s formal and semi-formal capes proved to be great hits, especially amongst the Lahori clan. Swathing and wrap-around capes, made from tissue and organza, have a definite voguish element to them and have become a gravitating fashion statement these days.

5. Trousers and culottes all decked up:
Gone are the days when the shirt was the centre of attention. In fact, it’s quite the contrary now. Now that the shirts are getting shorter the focus is equally on the lowers as well.

Trendy trousers that you wish to have in your wardrobe!
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All across the country, women are going gaga over trousers and culottes with intricate details, swanky embroideries, incorporation of different materials and digital printing etc. So much so, that virtually every designer has a separate line dedicated to lowers. Women’s personal favorites, Sapphire and Khaadi have a stupendous collection of embellished trousers impressively designed to compliment any type of kameez or kurta.

6. Get your khussas on!
They may be painful to wear (whoever said beauty is pain, was right), but Khussas are certainly having their ‘a la mode’ moment right now. From Indian Jodhpuri style to Wazirabadi, Multani to truck art inspired, Khussas have a very Boho chic element to them.

Image Source: Facebook
Image Source: Facebook

Many young Lahori’s have surfaced with their Khussa collections, making them immensely popular amongst a big lot. Local brands such as ‘Hawai chappal’ are doing a great job promoting ethnic fashion, and that too, in an ultra modish way.

7. Go ‘Digital’ all the way:
Digital prints on silk have not been experimented on by many designers, but the few that have, have set a trend that is surely catching on.

Digital Prints
Photo: Facebook

A blend of an assortment of beautiful shades stitched into silky tunics, kurtas, and even loose pants. The main reason why this look is so pragmatic is because it falls under the category of both casual and formal. You can wear a silk tunic to your office as well as a dinner party; perfect for those who do not want to look over or under dressed.

So, are you ready to wear an off-shoulder kameez with a shalwar cut that would even make Carrie Bradshaw envious?