Here’s a List of The 8 Wealthiest Women Of America

wealthiest women
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Forbes has given away a list of America’s 8 richest self-made women. It has revealed how they worked hard and turned their lives around. The list includes many singers, athletes and even women who reinvented fashion.

Jessica Simpson:
Worth: $170 million

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Famous pop star Jessica Simpson, 35, launched her own brand in 2005. Her brand Jessica Simpson Collection includes clothes, accessories, and shoes. Her collection is affordable and is sold at several local shops like Macy’s, Target, Dillard’s etc. Her fashion statement reads: “I have been every size on the planet. … I understand Middle America and their mind-set.”

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Serena Williams:
Worth: $150 million

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One of the top tennis players, Serena Williams has made a total of $76.5 million in her 20 years of playing tennis. She has earned twice as more as any other athlete. She also earned money for endorsing several brands like Nike, IBM, Wilson, Gatorade etc. Serena has an equity holding in Mission Athlete care and Home shopping network. The 34-year-old player also holds shares in NFL’s Miami Dolphins.

Jessica Herrin:
Worth: 135 million

Jessica Herrin started her own wedding registry site at the age of 24. Her site later merged with She has raised $135 million by starting Stella & Dot, which offers a wide range of jewellery to people. The company pays $300 million as commission to over 50,000 jewellery stylists they have hired.

Katy Perry:
Worth: $125 million

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Katy Perry is the youngest in the lot. In the past 7 years, the singer has earned $350 million. In 2014, she went on her Prismatic world tour and earned over $135 million. She also represents many famous brands like Coty, Claire’s etc which add to her value. In an interview with Forbes last year, Katy said: “I’m an entrepreneur. … I don’t want to shy away from it. I actually want to kind of grab it by its balls.”

Jennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman:
Worth: $80 million each

wealthiest women
Jennifer Fleiss (left) and Jennifer Hyman, co-founders of Rent the Runway are two of the wealthiest women of America – Image Source:

Both these women are Harvard graduates. They started Rent the Runway in 2009 and are about to achieve over $100 million as they have introduced Unlimited subscription. By paying $1700/year, the members of the site can rent clothes, jewellery, and bags of their choice from a collection of 100,000 pieces. The firm has also extended it’s facilities by providing dry cleaning to its customers.

Payal Kadakia
Worth: $50 million

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Payal Kadakia, 33, tried to look for a good dancing institute in 2010 and came up with the idea of starting her own site. Payal started ClassPass, which provides its subscribers with fitness classes, and she makes over $60 million a year.

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Katrina Lake
Worth: $50 million

Katrina Lake, 33, started her online shopping centre named Stitch Fix in 2011. In 2015, her business gained over $250 million sales and made her hire 2900 part time stylists whose work has brought all the more success to the business.