A Genius Man Effortlessly Drifts Down the Canal with a Tiny Remote-Controlled Tug Boat

Image: Mick Cee/Facebook

Okay now this is certainly not an everyday story. In a very amazing incident, a man was spotted drifting in the canal and guess what, he was being pulled by an extremely small tug boat!!!

Well, this indeed is what everyone out there would want to do when thinking of ways to spend a perfect afternoon.

Image: Mick Cee/Facebook

This epic scene was documented by Mick Carroll. He saw this gentleman passing through Market Drayton on Monday.

According to Mick and the pictures, we can see that the man was sitting in a homemade canal boat. It was operated thru a tug boat, which was controlled by a remote.

This allowed the man to row his boat gently and slowly down the stream. Well, what a way to avoid actual rowing. Genius indeed.

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After seeing this, Mick took to Facebook and he wrote: “Don’t ya just love eccentrics. Seen this fella as we were passing through Market Drayton getting pulled along by a remote control tug. Brilliant.”

When the man passed Mick, he took the opportunity and shouted: “Just when you thought you’d seen everything!”

Ah! this man just gave a lot of people a brilliant idea to spend their weekend afternoons in a peaceful journey.