Aerial Yoga Provides with a Feeling of Freedom, Says Alicia Tan

Aerial yoga

Ever heard of Aerial Yoga? Yes, you read it right. The exercise plan people follow to calm their nerves and stay relaxed while sitting on a floor mat, can now be experienced the air.

A lady from Singapore named Alicia Tan has shared her first experience of Aerial Yoga.

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She explained how lazy she was and didn’t think of anything on Saturdays outside of Netflix. But something changed her mind this weekend, when she mustered up courage and entered the place she most feared.

aerial yoga
Alicia tan joined aerial yoga. Image: mashable

Just like any of us, she was scared that people might laugh at her clumsiness or she might not be able to pull it off properly, hence, making a joke of herself. But after a 60 minute session, she was in a different world of serenity and calmness.

So let’s hear it from her. She explained that after clearing all her doubts about the class, she arrived early on the first day. Alicia mentioned: “Aerial Yoga consists of both yoga exercises and acrobats. But the difference is that instead of a floor mat, we practice it on a stretchable silk cotton fabric hammock. The hammock can support 1000 kg weight at a time.”

So pretty 😍

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The hammock is tied with chains, straps and carabineers. She said that the instructor was very helpful as he aided them in adjusting the height of their hammock. He then asked them to follow a simple exercise of stretching. Alicia insisted that it was very easy to stretch on the hammock as compared to the floor mat.

But as she was new to the experience, it was difficult for her to stay in one position for a longer time. She told that she lost her focus and forgot the pose, but her instructor helped her to get back into the game right away.

Alicia explained how easy it was for her to do all the difficult poses without fretting. She could totally believe in the hammock’s support and feel free. Another major benefit of aerial yoga is it helps you get rid of your back pains. People suffering from Spinal decompression, pain or any sort of stress can be relieved by it. It can be helpful in strengthening one’s back.

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She said that in those 60 minutes she had forgotten about all the stresses of her life and enjoyed every bit of it. After the session Alicia felt very fresh and happy. She even slept like a baby that night. She did have aching muscles the next day but the pain was worth it.

Alicia is definitely going for the next session and suggests anyone interested in yoga to join aerial yoga.