Another Feature of iPhone 7 Revealed: No Camera Bump!

iPhone 7
Image: Elizabeth Pierson/

The only one thing we don’t like about the iPhone 6 and 6S design is that camera bump on the back of the phone, which we think is of no good use. Well, looks like this is being removed in the upcoming iPhone 7!

The problem is that the irritating bump is not attached to the phone like it is on other smartphones and even Apple’s other phones. The lens of the camera is a millimeter above this indeed is not an ideal to be placed on a firm surface.

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Well, here again we are breaking a report from MacRumors that the new iPhone 7 or the upcoming Apple iPhone will not have this bump1 It will be thin camera that will be flat with the back of the phone.

iPhone 7
A speculation of what the iPhone 7 might be like!

Another rumor in the recent past claims that the iPhone 7 Plus will have TWO rear cameras, while the regular iPhone 7 will have one. We are not sure if both of the smartphones will be camera-bump-less, though the rumors so far do say this.

According to the same source, the iPhone 7 will have another design change, which is the end of antenna bands at the back of the phone; they will be only on the edges of the phone.

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The last rumor about the phone was that it will be sleek and thin and will come without the headphones jack.

Moreover, Apple is expected to launch a 4-inch phone this March. The event will also feature the launch of iPad Air and updates for Apple Watch.

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Well, these are all rumors and we have to wait till September to really know what the new iPhone 7 is all about!