Apple FaceTime vs Google Duo

Google Duo

The technology giant Google has released its very own video chatting app Duo. The app is all set to give tough time to it’s counterpart Apple FaceTime. If you are thinking that this new app is something like Instagram copying Snapchat, well, then you are wrong.

Well, by looking at Google Duo, it looks similar to Apple FaceTime. When talking about similarity we mean that both of the apps gives it’s users facility to one-on-one video calls, both of the apps has end-to-end encryption and they do look same as well. The video calls on both applications are supported on WiFi and mobile data connections. The quality of the video will always depend on the connection you are using the apps on.

Image: Google

How Duo is different from FaceTime? Well, the very first thing is that Duo has to be downloaded and FaceTime is built-in to the iOS devices. Here Duo gets an edge as it is released on both iOS and Android so the users are not limited to video calls their friends.

Duo has a simple interface and it is stick to video calls. It is not going for all other features that some apps offers like text messages and voice calls.

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Another thing that differentiate Duo from FaceTime is it’s Knock Knock feature. This cool new feature let’s you see the video of the person calling before you answer the call. Google says it gives the users “a sense of what [the caller] is up to and why they want to chat” and “makes video calling more spontaneous and welcoming”. Well, for many this feature is creepy as well. You can disable this feature anytime you want to.

The app is launched and it’s global rollout is happening on the time of writing this news. So go on and open your Google Play Store and App Store to download the app.