Apple to Introduce Lightning EarPods With Its New Set of iPhone 7


All the technocrats out there, who have been trying to figure out what the new iPhone 7 has in store for them, will be delighted to find out a new feature of the phone. A video on Youtube shows that iPhone 7 might come with lightning port enabled earpods.

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The video didn’t show if it was Apple‘s device or some other company’s gadget, but if it’s true, the new feature will be a huge leap from the headphone jack all other sets used to include.

The clip was released on Friday, which showed iPhone 6S attached to lightning port-enabled EarPods. The video maker didn’t give any details regarding the device, but people are very excited to find out more about the new features.

Regardless of this awesome innovation, it is feared that many iPhone users might not like the new concept. They might even find it hard to give up their classic headphone jacks. But looking at the tutorial of the EarPods, they might end up getting attracted towards it and accept the change.

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The most-awaited iPhone 7 is to be launched in September. Although the official site of Apple has not confirmed any such news about the EarPods, but some iPhone users are definitely looking forward to a response from the company related to the release of this video.

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Many believe that the change of headphones will be amazing as it will compliment the slim body of the cell phone.

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Lately, it was revealed that Apple was considering to remove the camera bump from iPhone 7 to make it look more elegant.

There have been hearsay about the new gadget that its S series will contain two rear cameras instead of one, while iPhone 7 will have just one rear camera. According to an unknown source, the Apple company has also been planning to remove the antenna bands located at the back of the phone, now they will only be placed on the edges of the gadget.