Apple to Remove Word “Store” from Its Retail Outlets!


The world famous company Apple has declared that it would not use the word “store” for its retail outlets.

The strategy is practiced by all other luxurious brands to give their customers a hint that their outlet is not just a headquarter, but a lot more than that. You might have noticed big brands like Gucci or Armani do not use the word store next to their names.

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It gives an edge to the product as well as to the brand. Therefore, the technology company has formulated a new strategy in which its new outlets will add their locations next to their brand’s name. For instance, the outlet in San Francisco was named Apple Union Square and since then many other retail outlets have adopted a similar pattern.

Many stores like Apple Fifth Avenue, Apple World Trade Center have gained popularity among people.The ideology of showing people that their outlet is much more than just a shopping place is working quite well.

According to MacRumors, an email was sent to all the employees at the retail stores of the brand underlining the new guidelines.

The retail chief of Apple, Andrea Ahrendts, visited San Francisco at the beginning of 2016 and explained the new idea to the employees. She mentioned that flagship location should be such that it gathers many people of different interests. It should be a place where people can come in and enjoy musical performances, learn something new through a lecture or workshop. It was also suggested that video making and photography tips could be given to people too at the outlets.

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The company doesn’t want its outlets to be considered as just a place of commerce, which was represented by the word Store. Therefore, it was necessary to remove it.

According to the analysis of technology blogger Jon Gruber, Apple has started moving in the footsteps of the luxurious top brands including Gucci, Walmart etc.