Meet Sahr: Owner of Beauty Hooked Who Is Taking the Beauty Industry to the Next Level!

Beauty Hooked
Sahr Said, owner of Beauty Hooked.

There are a thousand definitions of beauty and each definition has its own degree. With strong growing demand female entrepreneurs are breaking through the glass and earning their success in modern beauty business. 

Beauty Hooked, a startup turned company, has become the perfect platform to empower all the beauty business women and entrepreneurs who want to meet their goals and take this industry to the next level.

For all those who don’t know, Beauty Hooked is the first female founded and female run company that has for the first time raised a substantial investment of $280000 in Pakistan!

Beauty Hooked
This entrepreneur has proved that there is nothing women can’t do! Image: Media Hub Studio and Production

According to many Beauty Hooked is the easiest way to book appointments at the best salons. It is a platform that converges all the beauty businesses and entrepreneurs on the internet map to save the users from the trouble of browsing salons, offers, appointments, menus and going door to door for bookings.

The company takes all the responsibility and besides being a booking platform it has now become an avenue for all the beauty businesses to promote themselves digitally in what seems to be different than the conventional old marketing methods!

The startup is run by Sahr Said and co-founded by Sidra Talha and Abdullah Ahmed, assists all beauty salons, artists and products to market themselves on the digital medium and bid goodbye to the expensive billboards and advertisements.

Sahr thinks people want to see something new and creative, you can’t proffer the same ideas to the public again and again. And surprisingly a great deal of people agree with her.

Beauty Hooked
Sahr Said at the Amna Raja workshop organized by Beauty Hooked. Image: Media Hub Studio and Production

Unlike the former shabby ways of advertisement, their beauty campaign runs on the digital medium, making it easier for the seller to see the response of people. Also the audience that is hooked with Beauty Hooked is ‘user centric’.

Through creative content, tutorials, campaigns, events and workshops, Beauty Hooked provides an ecosystem of advertising to all such companies to monetize in a creative yet pocket friendly way.

Sahr who is an MBA from Cornell University turned down meritorious offers to start this beauty business that is now growing like a weed. Sahr even said ‘NO’ to job offers coming from Wall Street because she decided to execute her entrepreneurial ideas and serve her homeland, Pakistan.

Sahr said that while she was doing her MBA at Cornell University, building an arena in the beauty industry is all that she had on her mind. She was amazed to see how the International beauty market was flourishing and making money rapidly.
Beauty Hooked
Beauty Hooked allows you to search and book the perfect beauty service!

Sahr braced herself up in the US to present similar concepts to the people of Pakistan. She learnt exceptional marketing tactics while having a work experience at Citibank and USAID, the banker turned entrepreneur says the experience there too was unrivaled.

‘While I was struggling to build this startup people told me that there were no other examples as such and it will be difficult to meet these goals but I continued.’

Sahr, after her post graduation moved to Pakistan and started following her passion and this is where her hard work has brought her. Beauty Hooked is the only platform that gives every beauty conscious woman an opportunity to explore what the beauty world has for her.

Along with Sahr, the co-founders of this company, to put emphasis, COMPANY and not an ordinary app or website are Sidra Talha and Abdullah Ahmed. They are always laying their utmost efforts to take this startup at the highest peaks in the Pakistani industry.

At the moment seventy A-grade salons from Lahore are officially hooked with Beauty Hooked and the company would now take up the B and C grade salons too after all it is an open market and even the small businesses shall be promoted to grow well.

But Beauty Hooked assures the quality and services before bringing a salon on board since it does not want to refer customers to a place that is not certainly up to the mark.

Beauty Hooked
Sahr while talking to a representative from Cambiar News

The website of this startup has been operating well since past 1 year and the smart phone application is soon to be launched too.

Sahr expressed that Beauty Hooked makes one promise to all the woman around the world, and that is:

 ‘To make every woman look and feel great.’

Sahr, through her start up, wants to empower woman to generate money.

The startup turned company is all set to move ahead and is franchising abroad to not limit this opportunity for just Pakistan and will be in Qatar in a few months. Even in Pakistan, it will soon be launching in Karachi, Islamabad and then in Faisalabad. It was a test run in Lahore and the startup received a tremendous response.

Sahr describes Beauty Hooked in three words:

‘Fun, fearless and female.’

This young lady is doing great to promote women, empowering them and building the Pakistani beauty industry in a phenomenal way.

She has actually proved that there is nothing that ‘WOMEN CAN’T DO’!