Chef Miguel Barclay Introduces Famous Recipes That Can Be Made Under £1

Miguel Barclay
Chef Miguel Barclay teaches everyone how to make dishes in less than a pound

As the prices of food items are going up day by day, it has become difficult for people with big families to buy everything they like.But by following chef Miguel Barclay’s ideas, food lovers will be exhilarated to discover the dishes they can make at home by spending just £1.

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Now all those people who were forced to buy products they didn’t like just to save some bucks, will be able to make delicious dishes out of them. If one buys a 25p aubergine and has no idea what to do with it, Miguel’s Instagram account will serve as a magical wand for him/her.

🍴 55p KATSU CURRY 🍴 —————– recipe ——————- Coat a deboned skinless chicken thigh in seasoned flour, then egg and then seasoned stale breadcrumbs. Shallow fry on a medium heat. Bring half a cup of rice to the boil in 1 cup of water, and simmer with the lid on until all the water has been absorbed. In a saucepan, mix flour, curry powder and honey over a medium heat, slowly adding water and finishing with a splash of soy sauce. —————- ingredients ————— – 1 tablespoon of curry powder: 5p (90g/79p Lidl) – honey: 3p (34g/1.25 Lidl) – splash of soy: 2p – 1 tablespoon flour: 1p (1kg/£1.10 Sainsbury's) – 1 chicken thigh: 29p (7 thighs/£1.99 Lidl) – 1 egg: 6p (15 eggs £1 Lidl) – bread crumbs: 3p – basmati rice: 5p (1kg/£1.35 Lidl) ——————————————– #onepoundmeals #chicken #katsu #curry #katsucurry #recipe

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The 35-year-old chef from London shook the world by sharing his recipes that cost under £1. He has posted the recipes along with videos on his Instagram account: @onepoundmeals for his 60,000 followers. The appealing pictures of the food have increased his followers with every passing day.

Miguel has shared videos showing every step in the making of each dish. In an interview with FEMAIL, the chef said:“I have always had a passion for food and like to over-experiment with my dishes. My mind is always searching for the core flavours that create a particular dish, and when I started to strip away the layers, slowly my dishes were getting simpler and as a by-product, much cheaper.”

Miguel Barclay mentioned that he keeps challenging himself; his first challenge was to make famous dishes in less than a pound. He said: “I posted them on Instagram and quickly they started to become popular. After only a few months I had tens of thousands of followers and was having fun experimenting with my own dishes too.”

🍴 82p PRAWN WONTON SOUP 🍴 —————— recipe ——————- Mix 1 tablespoon of "00" flour with an egg yolk and kneed for 5 mins. Let it rest for 15mins wrapped in clingfilm. Finley chop 1/4 of a spring onion and a few prawns, add a splash of sesame oil and soy sauce, then mash with a fork. Divide the dough into 4 and roll into thin flat circles using a glass to cut a neat edge. Fill and wrap each wonton. Bring some water to the boil and add a chicken stock cube, spring onion, noodles, pack choi and the wantons. After 5 mins, transfer to a bowl and ladle over a small amount of the cooking broth. Garnish with spring onion, soy sauce and sesame oil. ————— ingredients —————— – 25g prawns: 27p (200g/£2.19 Lidl) – 1 chicken stock cube: 19p (8 cubes/£1.50 Sainsbury's) – 1 egg yolk: 6p (15 eggs £1 Lidl) – 1 tablespoon flour: 1p (1kg/£1.10 Sainsbury's) – 1/2 sheet dried noodles: 9p (3/52p Lidl) – 1/4 pack choi: 12p (2/99p Lidl) – 1 spring onion: 4p (11/45p Lidl) – splash of soy: 2p – splash of sesame oil: 2p ———————————————– #onepoundmeals #prawns #wonton #soup #noodles #recipe #wontonsoup #prawnwonton #prawnwontonsoup

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He agreed that making dishes with ingredients bought under £1 is very difficult. He added: “I have had to sacrifice garnishes like a wedge of lemon with my paella, but on the whole my dishes do not suffer too much with the price constraints.”

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He gave a shopping hack to his fans too. Miguel gave away his secret and shared that he shops for his food items from Lidl. He revealed: “They cannot be beaten on most prices and the quality is actually comparable with the bigger supermarkets.”