Cristiano Ronaldo to Appear in Nike’s New Ad!

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo. Image: bleacherreport

Real Madrid‘s forward, Cristiano Ronaldo can be seen working in a new advertisement for Nike.

The ad revolves around Ronaldo’s athletic skills as well as his speed. It is an animated clip which looks like a part of Tron. It seems that the feature Nike has been trying to highlight in its new shoes is the speed and their lightweight.

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The ad is rather odd as it shows Ronaldo in several cubes which are flying all over the screen. It is just at the end of the video that the player can be seen completely. The Real Madrid star has been seen in many different ads for the famous brand itself.

Recently, during the Euro 2016 championship, Ronaldo’s team Portugal was playing against France and won the match. But Ronaldo’s knee was badly injured during the match  as he nudged with Dimitri Payet at the Stade de France.

Ronaldo’s unexpected injury forced tears out of his eyes and he was compelled to leave the field on a stretcher. His treatment has since been going on.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo Carried Off On A Stretcher During Euro 2016 Final. Image: Youtube


Lately, Ronaldo shared a video on his Instagram account saying: Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank all my fans. I wanted to tell them that all is well and that I will come back much stronger. Thank you, long live Portugal!” The football star was still wearing a brace on his left knee.


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Ronaldo is been known as a hardworking player. His coach, Fernando Santos, revealed that Ronaldo takes ice baths at 3 am to stay focused. He has been an asset for his team and all his fans pray for his fast recovery.

The football player was noticed in a bad mood during the practice sessions for the Euro 2016 Championship. He even threw a reporter’s microphone into a lake.

But his coach Fernando Santos said: “The day after the first game you said Cristiano was all smiles. After the first match your stories were that Cristiano was all smiles and now it is that he’s not smiling. I am sure he will get over everything and do what he does best. He’s always proved that what he does best is score and I’m sure he will do everything to be anxiety free to score. He will carry on taking free-kicks and penalties. We have someone who is the standard-bearer for our country, and we do love him. The Portuguese love Cristiano.”