Cristiano Ronaldo Loses Sleep After Missing Penalty against Austria

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo put his penalty to the post in latter stages of the game - Image Source: Reuters

On Saturday, the match between Portugal and Austria ended in a draw, with Cristiano Ronaldo being the man who was unable to impress his fans.

UEFA Euro 2016 is currently underway and fans are busy supporting their home teams towards victory. But on Saturday, Portuguese fans were left devastated when their favorite star, Ronaldo missed a handful of opportunities at scoring against Austria.

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Not only the fans but Ronaldo himself felt miserable after several goal-scoring attempts. According to his manager, Fernando Santos, the Portuguese star “couldn’t sleep” at night after missing the late penalty in the match. Ronaldo attempted a 78th-minute spot-kick on the post, which failed and could lead his team into securing the second place in their Group.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo distressed after missing an opportunity – Image Source: Reuters

Santos said: “Cristiano hasn’t been able to sleep. On Sunday I was one of the first to wake up and he was already awake.”

“Cristiano is Portugal captain and we can’t expect everything to fall into place at once,” continued Santos.

“He’s a winner and his experience will help him bounce back. He can go one or two games without scoring but afterwards he comes back scoring five goals, like he has done on other occasions.”

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Earlier in Parc des Princes, Ronaldo was declared the most capped international player, the Portuguese Captain said:

“The bad won’t last forever. We need to believe that things will go better. If we win against Hungary, we qualify. And also the Portuguese people, the fans who love Portugal, they also have to believe in it.”
“Obviously it was a goal to be the most capped international player, and also to be the national team’s top scorer. But I’m a bit sad, because this wasn’t the way I wanted to break this record.”
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo reacts after missing from the penalty spot – Image Source: Reuters
“We had a lot of chances and we did well, but we weren’t able to finish. I also missed some chances – a penalty and some other chances – but that’s part of football.”

Well, even if Portugal is victorious against Hungary they still will be placed second, having them face the knockout fixture against the 2nd place team from group England.