Cristiano Ronaldo Throws TV Reporter’s Microphone into a Lake!

Image: REX/AP

It’s look like things aren’t going well for Cristiano Ronaldo. His team is having a tough time in France, and his performance in Euro 2016 is also on the down side. Looks like all of this frustration is coming out as anger on the media!

This time around, the Portugal captain made to the headlines not because of his performance but his anger issues. CR 7 reacted quite angrily towards a television reporter who approached him when he was walking near the team hotel in Lyon. Cristiano fiercely grabbed the microphone of the reporter and threw it into a lake.

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The football star is the talk of the media nowadays precisely because of his all-important penalty miss against Austria and his ‘small mentality’ against Iceland. Inevitably, the frustration was mounting up and when he was asked about his preparation for the Portugal match against Hungary by the CMTV reporter, Ronaldo reacted angrily.

CR7’s side is having a hard time at Euro 2016; they still have to win a game in the competition. The game against Hungary is a must win for Portugal if they are to qualify for the next stage.


Additionally, Cristiano Ronaldo was reportedly in bad mood after training on Tuesday. The On the other hand, Portugal coach Fernando Santos calls all reports about his state of mind as wrong.

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He said:

“The day after the first game you said Cristiano was all smiles. After the first match your stories were that Cristiano was all smiles and now it is that he’s not smiling. I am sure he will get over everything and do what he does best. He’s always proved that what he does best is score and I’m sure he will do everything to be anxiety free to score.”
“He will carry on taking free-kicks and penalties. We have someone who is the standard-bearer for our country, and we do love him. The Portuguese love Cristiano.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s record in the major tournaments is the worst at the moment, as the star failed to score in 36 free-kick tries. We hope he calms down soon, because it doesn’t look like the anger will let him perform!


  1. Those sports “stars”, wrongly called “heroes”, “role models”, etc. Shame on CR7 and all his ilk.
    And to think that they are paid millions and millions just to kick/throw/pass/dribble a ball.