Curved Screen iPhone? Is Apple Going to Copy Samsung?


Is Apple going the Samsung way? Well, we are still waiting for September to see, as the launch is around the corner but people are already thinking about the next iPhone that will be released in 2017.

Well, there is a reason for this talk. According to a report from Nikkei Asian Review, Apple is all set to launch three new iPhones next year. One of them will be a 5.5-inch device or larger, with both sides curved. It is somehow similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Note7/S7 Edge.

This means Apple is all set to copy Samsung. Apple will switch from LCD to OLED for the new curvy iPhone. Well, the rumor about this change has already been there for a long time.

Image: Jhila Farzaneh

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The rumor further tells nothing about the iPhone of 2017 and we should not take it seriously because we are still unaware of the phones that are to be launched this year.

We can take something positive from this rumor as Apple has been granted patents for curved-screen phone. We must also remember how Samsung left Apple behind a year ago, when they launched Samsung’s Gear smartwatches.

Talking about this year’s iPhone devices, likely be called iPhone 7, the 7 Plus, and maybe a third model; they will all be same as the current iPhones, but Apple is looking for a radical design next year.

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If Apple is going the Samsung way, maybe the tech giants can take the concept and make a better device that can benefit the loyal customers of Apple. It’s too early to talk about 2017 though, our focus must stick to the next month when the company is all set to launch the era of new devices.