Donald Trump’s First-Ever Ad Airs to Promote His Election Campaign!

Donald Trump

The Republican candidate Donald Trump finally decided to broadcast a commercial on TV to promote his election campaign. Though it is quite late to enter the advertising campaign as his rival, candidate of Democratic party Hilary Clinton, has spent a lot on advertising for the elections.

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The ad, which was launched on Friday and cost almost $ 5 million, is 30 seconds long and it includes his ridiculous ideologies. The clip displays many refugees from Syria, along with several people who have been living in USA without any legal documents, and have been portrayed by Trump as criminals intending to attack America.

The other half of the advertisement focuses on his mission for the nation. To show his vision, pictures of weapons have been displayed while in the ad, strict restrictions have been employed on the border too. In the end, his slogan: “ Make America safe again” can be seen with Trump’s picture. It will be aired for 10 days across 4 big states including Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania.

On the contrary, Hilary has spent around $61 million on her campaign and her supporters have so far spent $43 million to promote her campaign. Comparing the spending of Trump’s supporters, just $12.4 million have been utilized by them. Trump launched the ad following a decrease in the polls in recent weeks.

Thank you #Michigan. This is a MOVEMENT. We are going to MAKE #AMERICA SAFE AND GREAT AGAIN! #TrumpTrain #TrumpPence16 #USA

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On Wednesday, the chairman of Conservative news website Breitbart, Stephen Bannon showed his support with Trump by taking charge of his election campaign. His public approval of Trump’s campaign indicates that his news site will totally support the Republican till the end.

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A strange thing was noticed on Thursday, when during his speech, Trump spoke in a conservative tone. But many believe that he won’t be able to stay the same as old habits don’t go so soon. According to Vox, he will return to his aggressive form and start giving negative comments about other candidates in no time.