Dublin-based Artist Likes Scaring People, Uses Makeup to Turn Herself into Terrifying Characters

Dubliin-based artist

Bored of smoky eyes, this 22 years old professionally trained makeup artist enjoys creating unconventional looks. Dublin-based makeup artist, Jessy Malone, showcases her transformation into shocking characters.

But you need to hold your hearts and brace your nerves before looking at the haunting pictures because this makeup artist is going to give you nightmares!

Dublin-based artist
This is what you call terrible transformation. Image: Mercury Press

While experimenting with makeup, Malone began by creating ‘a crazy old woman’ look, with a hairless head, half face and horrible teeth peeking through the mouth.

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Jessy Malone - Image:
Jessy Malone – Image: Mercury Press

Malone revealed that people tell her how weird she seemed while creating such looks but she finds it ‘really interesting’ as she always ‘wanted to do something different’. She is totally in love with her craft of scaring people through her looks and enjoys their reactions.

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Dublin-based artist
Dublin-based artist spends hours to create look like the above. Image: Mercury Press

With the use of grease paints, latex and clay, the freelancer often considered mad by her family for her bizarre makeup , spends hours in thinking and replicating her scary looks, just to enjoy people’s reactions.

Dublin-based artist
Painful-looking pencil, an example of Dublin-based artist’s bizarre optical illusions. Image: Mercury

According to the makeup artist, it is hard and time-consuming to put together the odd video tutorials, which polished her skills. Probably, that is why she now wants to share her art through tutorials as well.

Dublin-based artist
Latex, grease paints and clay are the tools to create this Dublin-based artist’s ghastly looks – Image: Mercury Press

Malone says, “people think I’m crazy to look terrifying but it’s more of fun for me , a creative hobby.  It was after college when I thought of special effect make up”.

Dublin-based artist
Imagine waking up to see this Dublin-based artist – Image: Mercury Press

The young woman also admitted that she spends ages thinking of funny and scary looks that she can replicate to look like a haunted movie character.

Dubliin-based artist
Dublin-based artist looks simply terrifying. Image: Mercury Press

Making tutorials for teaching others? Malone now hopes to pursue this as a career as well. Just imagine what it would be like waking up to see this!