Facebook Introduces New Relationship Tool to Erase Your Ex Completely!

Facebook is now taking care of all our recent splits.

All hail to Facebook! Now you don’t have to un-friend your ex, you can almost erase him/her from your social media completely.

Your most-favorite app, Facebook, is now introducing some mind blowing features, which will enable you to limit the access of your ex to your profile.

Well, dealing with a break up was never easy but the issue has become even more difficult in present times due to the widespread use of social media. And the split-up is even worse when you are at the receiving end.

Tag suggestions, favorite searches and anniversary reminders come to haunt you just when you decide to forget all about your ex and the break-up.

Is Facebook making our life easier? Image: Thomas Trutschel

Well, need not to worry anymore as Facebook understands your pain and now you don’t have to regret sharing your life or relationship status with someone. Facebook is trying to introduce a new feature by limiting the access of your ex boyfriend/girlfriend to your profile.

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There are three super necessary tools, which are being introduced by Facebook for the young boys and girls who have got their hearts broken due to some reason and they don’t want to get bothered by their ex’s anymore.

Image: Getty

Now you can limit how much your ex can see about you and how much you can see of your ex. The third and the most important tool is that you can also limit other people from seeing the previous posts where you ‘love birds’ were tagged together.

This means you won’t have to go back to each post and remove the tags anymore. Whew!

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Perrie Edwards
Zayn Malik and ex, Perrie Edwards – Image: newsoneplace.com

Whom do you think would be taking a sigh of relief if Facebook introduces these life changing tools? Our guess is none other than Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik, what is yours?