Gay Imam, Daayiee Abdullah, says Quran allows Homosexuality!

Homosexuality is allowed in Islam according to gay Muslim Imaam Dayiee Abdullah Image source:

Imam Daayiee Abdullah, the 62-year old African-American imam, who publicly accepted that he is gay has once again caused an outburst of anger among Muslims present all over the world! He recently stated that Islam approves of Homosexuality. 

Muslims believe that their Holy Book, Qur’an, meet the needs of human beings for all times. And that it is the beauty of the the Holy Book that it covers all aspects of life.

So, we can assume that the liberal interpretation of the Qur’an is needed in the modern times.

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Daayiee Abdullah
Daayiee Abdullah- America’s first Muslim gay imam. Source:

Imam Daayiee Abdullah was born in Detroit in a Southern Baptist family. He later converted to Islam at the age of 30. Currently, he is the Imam of LGBT-friendly mosque in the capital of United States.

Daayiee Abdullah has been criticized by the Muslims all over the world but he does not care about the criticism. He believes that his religion can never be against love! When he was asked by the reporter from Times of India that if Islam approves of homosexuality, he said that there is nothing against homosexuality in Islam or Holy Qur’an.

Light of Reform Mosque
‘Light of Reform’ Mosque in Washington D.C. Source: america.aljazeera

However, the Qur’an does put a light on men who have no interest and desire for women. He gave out the reference of Surah 24, verses 31 and 32, specifically the 32nd verse that says:

“marry the unmarried among you”


“among male and female slaves”.

Concluding his statement, he said that according to him Islam does not suggest gender for marriage at all. If that’s the actual case then why is there so much hatred for homosexuals in the world? The Law graduate gay Imam has an answer to this question as well.

He said that according to his research in Saudi Arabia he found out positive interpretation on homosexuality and same sex marriage. Islam is a religion of peace and if we all believe that then we should also believe that it promotes love for the humans.

The religious literature coming out from ‘Salafist’ and ‘Wahabbist’ school of thoughts are putting the incorrect interpretation on the topic of homosexuality.

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Imam Daayiee Abdullah
Imam Daayiee Abdullah. Source: indigodergisi

Acceptance of homosexuality is increasing in the West with every passing day. According to Daayiee Abdullah, there are 12 gay Muslim Imams in total and 8 of them are open gays. He further said that it is not difficult to live as a Muslim gay, but it depends on the cultural context.

In the Western world homosexuality is no longer a taboo and vast majority is tolerant towards homosexuality, however, in the Muslim majority nations there is no or very less acceptance for homosexuality.

Daayiee Abdullah also said that the Muslim Imams do exist and that he will continue researching on the topic of homosexuality and Islam.

He is hopeful that in future the acceptance towards homosexuality will increase in the Muslim states too.


  1. This man totally mis-understands Islam and those Two Verses from Holy Quran. He is just using his own mind to make it easier for persons like him to Understand Quran with their own mindset. He should Understand Islam and Quran with proper meaning not with his own mindset.

  2. what if he says you also , all of us use quran and islam according to our own mindset ?
    Deen is all about peace , let him and others be ,there is no shame in whom we love,we just need to love and loved you.