Gigi Hadid Lashes out at a Crazy Fan Who Picked Her up After Leaving Max Mara Show in Italy

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid was picked up by a crazy fan after Milan show - Image: X17Online

We all hate it when someone invades our personal space. And this usually flip our lids fast! Recently Gigi Hadid was picked up by an unknown man and as a reaction to it, she lashed out at him. 

Super model, Gigi Hadid, arrived at Italy on Tuesday for Milan Fashion Week but something really unusual happened to her today as she was leaving Max Mara show.

Zayn Malik’s girlfriend had a bad day after rocking Max Mara show today as a crazy fan picked her up while she was walking towards her car with her sister Bella Hadid. The super model then lashed out at the prankster and battered him with fists and elbows to fight him off while defending herself from the stranger.

#GigiHadid defended herself after the man grabs her 🙁

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The crazy fan was lingering around while Gigi was posing for selfies with numerous fans. Suddenly the man came and tried to pick Gigi up from behind after which she was taken aback but even then she tried to push the man away by using her elbows and fists.

@gigihadid and @bellahadid after the @maxmara fashion show #bellahadid #maxmara #fashion #makeup #gigihadid

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However, security then intervened and Bella pulled Gigi to get into the car but the super model was furious at the man and she screamed at him:

‘Who the f*** are you, you piece of s***.’

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Does anyone know what happened? Why she's so mad #GigiHadid

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Zayn’s girl looked shaken as she got into her awaiting car with her sister but she did ask her security personal to go find that man. The super model was still wearing the unusual eye make up that she sported during her Max Mara catwalk.

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Gigi walking for Max Mara fashion show #gigihadid

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Gigi was dressed in a black outfit. The blonde beauty was wearing a pair of leather pants and a patchy black top that she paired with a matching choker and stylish boots. The model was also wearing her black glasses that nearly fell off as she fought the man off.

Gigi walking for Max Mara fashion show #gigihadid

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Most of us have a limit where we will start feeling uncomfortable. How would you’ve reacted if you were in her situation?