Good News Windows Holographic is Coming to All Windows 10 PCs

Windows 10

Good news for all the Microsoft Windows 10 users; the all-new software that is powered by Microsoft’s HoloLens will soon be coming to Windows 10 PCs. Yeah, you read that right.

The new update from the technology giants will allow its users, who are using Windows 10, to run new Windows Holographic shell and the reality versions of Universal Windows apps. It was announced by Microsoft‘s Terry Myerson at Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday in San Francisco.

Windows 10
Windows Holographic shell will be available on Windows 10 from 2017. Image:

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The news means that whoever is using Windows 10 on their PCs will be able to use the holographic versions of the apps Windows has to offer. The new update will be compatible with Microsoft‘s HoloLens and Intel‘s Alloy, the newly announced project from the company is its standalone VR headset, which is all set to hit the market next year.

Windows 10
Windows Holographic shell 2 coming to Windows 10 PCs. Image:

Microsoft‘s Terry Myreson said in a blog post: “The Windows Holographic shell enables an entirely new experience for multi-tasking in mixed reality, blending 2D and 3D apps at the same time.”

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Microsoft has yet to reveal how the new update will work. It is due to come next year.

There is also good news for the people who are using low-end PCs, in the lights of Intel’s NUC, the new update will be compatible with your PCs as well. We all are excited about this big change from the technology giants but we’ll have to wait a bit to to get our hands on the new technology.