Harry Styles Was Born a Charmer, Says Elder Sister Gemma Styles

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Harry Styles was born a charmer - Image: Billboard

One Direction singer and much loved rock star, Harry Styles was born a charmer and entertainer, according to his elder sister, Gemma Styles.

Harry Styles has got himself a lot of fan following and supporters due to his amazing voice and his special way with people. He has won many hearts around the world, and looks like this has been the case since childhood; he has a way to make people fall in love with him, according to Gemma Styles.

gemma styles
Harry Styles’ sister, Gemma Styles – Image Source:fanpop

Older sister Gemma revealed that the Drag Me Down hit maker had his first girlfriend at the age of four or five! He was very young but he knew how to engage other people and entertain them. He knew how to make friends and his pal group was never limited to his own age group.

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Gemma Styles revealed:

“He didn’t find it difficult to make friends and had his first girlfriend at the age of four or five. On a family holiday to Cyprus, when Harry must have been about seven, he was holding court around the pool with people three times his age.”

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Harry’s sister also told that while leaving for airport on a bus from their trip, there was a crowd of young ladies standing on the pavements, shouting and waving their goodbyes to Hazza through the windows.

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Gemma Styles also praised Hazza’s talent of entertaining people by recalling a school-going Harry Styles. She said:

“He would be stood up in the back of the car, entertaining everyone through the open window. Even then he had a sort of magnetism that made people just want to watch him.”


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Gemma Styles said that Hazza’s is one gem of a person and he’s blessed with tremendous talents and an intense heart. However, after he went in his own direction as he grew up and became a super star, Gemma really misses her younger brother and her memories with him. How adorable!