Harry Styles to Join Taylor Lautner for Scream Queens Season 2?

Harry Styles

This news is for all the fans of Harry Styles and Scream Queens. Yes, we know you guys are always looking forward to finding out what’s happening in your star’s life and also eagerly waiting for the series to return to your TV screens.

The season two of Scream Queens is all set to premiere later this month. It has also been confirmed that the first episode of the show is titled Scream Again.

Scream Queens
Scream Queens season 2 premieres on the 20th of September. Image: Fox

Spoiler TV has released the synopsis of the show and it reads:

“Years after the murderous events at Kappa House, Dean Munsch purchases an abandoned hospital under the guise of fixing the healthcare system in America. After recruiting surgeons, Dr. Brock Holt and Dr. Cassidy Cascade, as well as medical student Zayday Williams, the Dean shocks everyone when she enlists the services of the disgraced Chanels to join the ranks at the teaching hospital. Meanwhile, secrets from the hospital’s past begin to reveal themselves and a new killer surfaces.”

The fans are hoping that the second season will live up to the hype and expectations that were created by the 1st one.

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Scream Queens
A still from Scream Queens. Image: Unreality

The new cast of the show will definitely give the push to the hype. It has been confirmed that Twilight star Taylor Lautner and John Stamos will join the team. And according to some rumors, the British boy band star, Harry Styles will also be making a cameo appearance in the show. These rumors got more power when the show’s official social media tweeted this earlier this year:

“@RobertsEmma and @kekepalmer are currently fighting over who will get to be with @Harry_Styles in Season 2. #ScreamQueens #Paleyfest”

Well, according to the officials this is “not true” and they also added that “it’s not happening.” Is there something that the officials are hiding, well, for that we would have to wait a bit, who knows we might actually get to see Harry working his magic on the small screen. *fingers crossed*