Harry Styles Recently Created an Account on Snapchat but He is Not Liking It!

Harry Styles Scanpchat
Harry Styles might just delete his Snapchat account!

Harry Styles let down by Snapchat? The youngest member of the boy band, One Direction, created a Snapchat account lately after staying away from this popular social media site for years!

Hazza, unlike his fellow band members, has always been introvert and not too active on the social media. This is what makes his fans even more inquisitive about his daily activities.

Fans have been going crazy since he made this account titled as KnockKnockHarry and reportedly added few of his fans back!

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Source: Snapchat

The British pop singer gave a ray of hope to his fans by entering this hot social media site. Directioners have always been keen to see their favorite stars in their casual daily avatars on Snapchat.

People always wished to see him snap-chatting himself. Well, the time has come!

Harry Styles
Harry Styles using snapchat. Source: twitter

Harry styles has been experimenting with his new account but dismally he did not upload any snaps yet, however, there is ONE snap story of the star. It gives the world a shock that he DID NOT LIKE IT!

Harry Styles shares his Sanpchat experience . Source: Snapchat

As soon as the account was hitting peak and fans got excited to see the updates of their star, sadly, this is what he had to say!

Seems like Harry styles will soon be leaving this account because this is not his cup of tea.

However, the good part is that he HAS NOT deleted the account as yet and there is still some hope to see the star Snap-chatting in the future.