Harry Styles Reunites with Cindy Crawford and Her Husband for a Double Date!

Harry Styles

Harry Styles got together with his friend Cindy Crawford earlier on Thursday in Malibu California.

But wait, it’s a bit odd that 22 and 50 are hanging out together. Well, those of you who don’t know Styles and Crawford have been friends for a while, and first bonded over the fact that the model’s daughter had a major crush on the One Direction singer earlier in 2014.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles double dating with Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber and mystery brunette. Image: Dailymail.

The British singer has been previously seen hanging out with Cindy and her family, including daughter, Kaia and husband, Rande Gerber. But this time things were a little different.

It seemed as if Styles was on a double lunch date along with the super model and her husband. But Harry’s date wasn’t Kaia, it was a beautiful brunette who we have never seen before. What is it with One Direction and mysterious girls!?! Do they not know that it drives their fans even more nuts if the identity of their enemy is unknown, how else are they going to hate on her now!?

Harry Styles and mystery brunette
Harry Styles and mystery brunette. Image: Dailymail

Harry Styles drove in, in his pastel black Range Rover with his new girlfriend and joined Crawford and her husband Gerber around noon. The duos were seen lunching at Cafe Habana, which is incidentally also owned by Rande.

Harry Styles
Harry Styles looks laid-back in the Hawaiian shirt and ripped skinny jeans. Image: Dailymail.

Harry and pal Cindy kept the dressing laid-back for the day out, with Harry wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt over a white T-shirt paired with black skinnies.

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber
Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber keeping it casual. Image: Dailymail.

The ’90s model wore a baggy black blouse together with faded jeans. Rande Gerber also went relaxed with a casual grey T-shirt and jeans. But what we really want to know is; Who’s that girl? The identity of Harry’s date has not yet been confirmed and all we saw was a pretty face hidden behind huge sunnies.