Helen Skelton Angers Viewers for Wearing Inappropriate Clothes to The Sets of Rio Olympics 2016!

Helen Skelton
Rio Olympics host Helen Skelton's risky short skirt sparks Twitter meltdown. Image: BBC

The lady who is famous for carrying out difficult challenges, Helen Skelton, made the Rio Olympics’ viewers jump to the edge of their seats.

Helen has been chosen to host the poolside games in Rio, Brazil, along with retired swimmer, Mark Foster. Her short skirt revealing her long toned legs disturbed many viewers as they watched the game.

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Many were furious and voiced out their feelings about the host of Blue Peter. Even though, Mark was wearing shorts too but people were focused on the way Helen Skelton kept swiveling in her chair. Twitter was full of comments that were directed at her, advising her to wear trousers the next time.

Helen Skelton
Helen Skelton hosting Olympics at BBC. Image: Mirror

A Twitter user said: “He was wondering if the blonde lady has forgotten to wear any trousers.” People were concerned that the way Helen kept moving in her chair, she might end up showing off her panties on the national TV. A woman tweeted: “I’m not sure I like Helen Skelton Blue Peter presenting on the Olympics coverage. Someone needs to tell her to stop swivelling in her chair.”

One other tweet read: “Helen Skelton should not spin in the chair… can tell she’s not wearing any knickers #RioOlympics2016 #helenskelton.” While someone else mentioned that, “Whom ever at the BBC has dressed @HelenSkelton tonight your knighthood is in the post! #Olympics”

Tweets started to pool up, as one said: “The @BBCSport presenter @HelenSkelton needs to wear appropriate clothing to present swimming. Many ppl don’t want a nightclub mini dress bbc[sic]”. But there were some who took the entire situation in a jolly manner.

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A person said: “Twitter cracks me up! @RioOlympics2016 are on & entire Twitter UK more interested in whether #helenskelton is wearing knickers! #knickergate” and another chimed in saying: “Game on #helenskelton looks fantastic in her short skirt. Great presenting genuinely appears to be enjoying herself. You go girl.”

Helen Skelton was also joined by Rebecca Adlington, who has won many medals in Olympics over the years.