Hobbit Lover, Joe Jonas, Joins Selena Gomez in Auckland!

Selena Gomez and Joe Jonas

The pop sensation, Joe Jonas, is about to perform with the American star, Selena Gomez, on Saturday night in Auckland. The show is organized in Vector Arena, Auckland, where Gomez is currently on her Revival World Tour.

Gomez has ended her shows in Australia, which were reported to be pretty successful. However, the American beauty is fighting an illness right now. She was so sick that she was doubtful about her show in Brisbane, yet luckily, the show went rocking as usual.

What a way to celebrate 1 year of @dnce THANK YOU NEW ZEALAND!!

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The 24 years old singer thanked her concert goers for their support. Joe Jonas also responded on the concerns about Gomez’s health and said that he had seen her and she looked fine, so hopefully she is going to perform tonight along with Jonas’s band, DNCE, as she will be wrapping her tour after her shows in New Zealand.

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Jonas spoke to the press saying that this was his second visit to New Zealand. His first trip was a life changing vacation near Lake Wakatipu, a very memorable trip, as he described staying in an expensive but awesome five-star restaurant and enjoying the cuisines.


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The singer still remembers the details of his food and pairing those food items with wine. He shared with his fans how he barely missed falling into the lake once, as he was drunk.

The pop singer hopes to revive that time on his band’s anniversary, his own birthday, and wrapping of the tour. Joe Jonas says that they are a party band and want others to enjoy and laugh as well.

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Joe Jonas also told the media that Selena is organizing some party to surprise him. He would love a little jet trip, as it was one of the things he did earlier and wants to revive the time he once spent in New Zealand. A Hobbit fan, as Jonas describes himself, wants to fly over the lands shot in the movie.