How We Met: Unchain My Heart!

How We Met
How We Met: Sahana Neogi and Debdeep

Today’s love story on How We Met has a little twist to it. Here it goes:

It was one beautiful day, not even a single cloud to be seen in the sky. Looking around, all Sahana Neogi could see was a clear blue sky and sunshine.

Days like these are not very common but when they do come, they leave you wondering about the beauties of life. There was something about the day which left Sahana with unsettling feelings, and she would later find out why. It was this day when she started talking to a guy named Debdeep on Facebook.

Perhaps, it was the thrill of trying something new that gave her heebie-jeebies. As their conversation progressed, she came to know that he was already in a relationship.

Days went by and they kept getting closer. They started sharing every single detail about their lives with each other and became the best of friends. During this time, he also broke up with his girlfriend. The breakup was sudden and harsh and left him devastated.

How We Met
How We Met: Sahana Neogi and Debdeep

Spent and cold, the break-up left him wrecked from inside. It was during this time when Sahana proved herself to be a really good friend; she helped him through this hard time and brought him back to his normal routine.

Over these days, she realized that her unchained heart had developed feelings for this broken man. She wanted to fix him and spend her life with him!


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She kept asking herself if she had the guts to tell him about the way she felt about him. From the very beginning, she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was about him that attracted her. Perhaps, it was his smooth talk, his caring attitude or his willingness to tolerate all her silly little tantrums.

One night, mustering up all her courage, she confessed her feelings to him. It came as a surprise to him and his answer wasn’t exactly the way she wanted it to be. However, the same night, after a few hours, he called her telling her that he felt the same way about her, but confessed that he just needed some time to recover form his last split.

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How We Met
How We Met: Sahana Neogi and Debdeep

Time flew after that. It’s been four years now since they are together. They are happy and feel lucky to have each other in their lives. Indeed, the best of relationships come out of friendship!

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