How We Met: Interfaith Romance!

How We Met
How We Met: Sampurna Singh Roy and Owais
Today’s love story on How We Met is about interfaith romance. Here it goes:
Differences become insignificant when two people fall in love. They become mind over matter, and so is the case with today’s couple. Sampurna Singh Roy was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, whereas Owais was in Srinagar, Kashmir.  They met while he was on a business trip. He was handling his father’s business and to resolve a couple of issues, he had to come to her city. The business trip was just a way of destiny to unite them.
One of Sampurna’s classmates was his ex and one day while she was standing with one of her friends, Sampurna spotted him staring at his former girlfriend. This is when they decided to playfully tease him about his ex.

Seeing how painfully out of place he felt with their sneer remarks, Sampurana, and her friend, decided to leave him alone. Her conscience was killing her and the flashes of his sad face kept torturing her. Later that night, regretting her actions, she looked him up on Facebook and decided to send him a message; apologizing for her rude behavior.

How We Met
How We Met: Sampurna Singh Roy and Owais 
Days went by and they started meeting each other. Things were changing between them, they used to spend hours only talking to each other. And despite being completely different from each other, they fell in love.
He was a man with a strict code of conduct but was full of charms. His love for retro music knew no bounds while she was really immature and loud, quite the opposite of all the things he was.
However, no story is complete without altercations, tears and in their case a breakup too. Misunderstandings and miscommunication took the upper hand and they started to grow apart.
The cultural differences: the ‘Hindu-Muslim’ tag tore them apart and the constant reminder of their friends, not to indulge in the practices of the other religion destroyed the remaining bits.
She didn’t know whether it was a wrong decision or not, but all she knew was that it was time for her to let him go. For they say:“If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours, if they don’t the never were.”

They loved each other with the same intensity, and he came running back to her!

How We Met
How We Met: Sampurna Singh Roy and Owais
Though their physical distance is constantly increasing and she gets to see him only three months in a year, but their souls have never been more connected. Their differences only make them stronger and they continue to inspire each other to grow. Indeed, love is not bound to culture, religion, cast or race, it’s simple and pure.
Check back later for a new story of a real-life couple on How We Met.