How We Met: My Only Amour!

How We Met
How We Met: Kathamrita and Sohom

Today’s love story on How We Met focuses on a cute love affair. Here it goes:

Your first day at college is always an important event of your life. It has its own golden memories.

Kathamrita Chakraborty, like many others, was excited yet really nervous because it was her first day at college. She entered into her new class and could feel a few eyes on her, a few people among them hissing.

Suddenly, all the noise in the class came to a halt and the clattering noise of her wedge heels echoed, making the situation a little more awkward for her. She cursed herself for deciding to wear those shoes that day.

Even after the awkward social encounter with her new class, she managed to make a new friend, Laxmi. She was sitting with her during the lunch break when a few seniors of 3rd year came into their class.

Among the guys, Sohom caught her attention. Her eyes were fixated on him as she tried to figure out that what was about him that had caught her attention. Maybe it was his intellectual look, dreamy eyes, seemingly down to earth nature and childish smile, she though in silence.

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How We Met
How We Met: Kathamrita and Sohom

Even after hours of thinking, she couldn’t figure out the meaning of the feelings that she was feeling. She didn’t believe in love at first sight then why did she feel a sense of jealousy, when she saw him with other girls?

She came back home that day and while she was busy talking to her friend, she came to know that he was a carrier oriented person, who wouldn’t even think to date a girl before achieving his goals. She allowed the information to sink in as the a sense of disappointment settled.

She didn’t want to admit it, even to herself but from the core of her heart, she knew that she has developed some romantic feelings for him. Not knowing what to do next, she continued to live according to her daily busy routine.

How We Met
How We Met: Kathamrita and Sohom

They got to know each other and she only grew fonder of him. She liked him, and soon after that, she decided she must tell him. It’s true when they say that sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage for something good to come out of it. She used her 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery and proposed to him, to which he said ‘yes’! How could he refuse a cute proposal of an even cuter girl?

26th February, 2015, marked as the day when their friendship blossomed into beautiful love story. They have been together ever since. For her, he is the love of her life, her only amour.

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