How We Met: When Opposite Worlds Collide!

How We Met
How We Met: Milu Narengbam and Jotin

Today’s love story on How We Met is about a couple with two very different lifestyles. Here it goes:

It’s truly amazing how two people with completely different nature, goals, morals, personalities and lifestyle can fall into the same pattern and fall in love with each other.

Is it really true that opposite attracts or does it just push each other away? No one could ever give a sufficient answer to the age old confusion!

Milu Narengbam, who was an average girl living an average life, never thought that she could fall for someone who was completely opposite to her. She always wished for some one who was more or less like her – an understanding introvert.

She was a shy girl who didn’t talk much. Nobody knew that she existed whereas Jotin was everyone’s favorite. Be it his friends, teachers or random strangers; everyone loved him. He was bold and practical.

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One day, she was walking in the middle of road with some friends when her eyes caught the sight of him. He too was with his friends. Their eyes met for a second which was not less than a dramatic movie! Her world stopped for a while and everything else disappeared. In that very second, it was just him and her.

She immediately looked away but the sight of him wearing a cap and torn skinny jeans never left her mind. A few days passed but she still hadn’t fully recovered from that incident when she joined a coaching center.

There,, she saw him again. The sight of him sent butterflies in her stomach. After a few frequent eye contacts, he started following her from the coaching center to her home. It would’ve been creepy if it was someone other than him!

One day, he came right up to her and asked her for her number. Shy as she was, she lost her voice. All she could feel was a lump in her throat and the thumping noise in her ears. Bewildered and nervous, she ran away.

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Two days later, she got his message. Thanking her lucky stars that he didn’t back off after their previous awkward encounter, she replied to him. A few days after that, he proposed to her, which she happily accepted.

Ever since that day, they have been together, fighting every little or big problem that has come in their way.

No doubt, it’s easier to have a fun conversation with someone who shares similar interests as you do, be it work or things you like to do in your free time. And it’s true that it would be easier for to spend our lives with someone who is similar to us, but then that might deprive us of that crackling romantic electricity!

So yes, opposites do attract and different lovers can enjoy their relationship, as long as they keep sharing the balance of powers.

Check back later for a new story of a real-life couple on How We Met.


  1. Very beautiful ? yea opposites always attract like the poles of magnet…n also similars will not always repel…but Wat eva it is..There is a bond take it to the end..lovely couple?

  2. Very beautiful ?……yea opposites always attract like the poles of magnet…..n the similars always do not repel…but Wat eva it is….There is a bond….take it to the end…lovely couple?

  3. Very beautiful ?. ….yea opposite always attracts like the poles of magnet. . . . .n the similars always do not repel. . . . but Wat eva it is….There is a bond. …. take it to the end…lovely couple?