You NEED to Have Ice Cream and Wine Together Because It’s Amazing!

Ice Cream
A combination of ice cream, fruit and wine! Image: Winecream

Do you love ice cream? Of course you do; we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t. Well, the weather is burning up and we have the best recipe to cool you down. A scoop of ice cream and a glass of wine! 

How did we even think of this? Here’s how. Crossroad Company, a family-owned business in Baltimore, USA, has come up with an amazing product made up of two amazing things: one, premium ice cream and two, craft-made fruit wine!

The company is not very well known and not that big, but it has gone viral over the social media world. They’ve been selling the amazing product at a number of festivals and events, and it has been a huge hit! The owner plans to grow the new business and eventually make the product available in an online store. We think they have the potential to be big, and why wouldn’t they? Everyone loves ice cream and, well, wine as well.

Here are a few of the pictures of the products the company is offering. Warning: they are too tempting!

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Fruits, berries and wine. What a heavenly combination.

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This ice cream contains as much alcohol as the glass on the side.

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The company has a lot of flavors to offer.

#winecream that I got at the Harbor Festival!

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And of course, the people at Winecream love their job!

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We can barely wait till we get our hands on the product. Till then, we’re going to go try some ice cream and wine together!