Instagram Stories VS Snapchat Stories – Who is Doing it Better?!


Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories, the question is which one is better and more importantly, which one would you choose?

Probably by now you must have already started using Instagram’s new feature, yes we are talking about their not-so-different-stories-feature that was first introduced by Snapchat. Many were taken aback by the bold attempt by Instagram when they introduced the new feature this week. It clearly showed that the App had taken inspiration from Snapchat.

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If we start to analyze the key differences between the two, there are hardly any. Instagram has even chosen the same name as Snapchat, calling this feature “Stories”, but let’s just say that you could not figure out the differences between the two apps so here’s a guide to the minute differences in the two:

1. How to shoot a story:

As we all know how to shoot a story on Snapchat. All you need to do is press the button on the opening screen of the app to add a new video or snap. While, with Instagram you would have to swipe from your main feed to the left, which will let you shoot a story or you could click the plus sign on the left corner at the top of the screen. Both apps allow you to add a 10 seconds long video.

2. How to Browse Stories:

On Instagram, the friends that are close to you, their stories will be available on top of your main feed. While in Snapchat, you can view the stories in chronological order. The most recent stories can be seen first.

Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories
Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories. Image: Mashable

3. Navigation between stories:

On Snapchat, the story can be viewed by clicking on it while the next person’s story starts playing on its own after the first finishes. Whereas, Instagram lets you move to the next snap manually. You either swipe right or left to move forward or backward.

4. Emojis:

On snapchat, you can use emojis anywhere on the snap and even the videos while Instagram does not give the liberty of using an emoji anywhere. It allows you to add an emoji only in the text bar.

Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories
Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories: Instagram’s drawing feature vs Snapchat’s. Image: Mashable

5. Doodles:

Instagram has introduced advanced drawing tools as compared to Snapchat. It gives different layers of colors and has a tool that can change the pen size easily. It has provided users with 3 different pens including a marker, a normal pen and neon. While in Snapchat, a slider tool is given to choose a different color from.

6. Old photos:

No matter how old the photos are, Snapchat allows us to share them from our camera roll. But Instagram has changed the rule a bit and only allows sharing of images that were taken up to 24 hours ago.

Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories
Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories shows us a difference in rules for sharing of old snaps. Image: Mashable

7. Chat:

Both apps give you the pleasure of chatting with your friends. For Snapchat, all you have to do is tap “chat” or swipe upwards to start chatting. Similarly, on Instagram, you can click to send a message or swipe upwards to start a conversation.

Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories
Instagram stories vs Snapchat stories reveals insight into Privacy Settings on both apps. Image: Mashable

8. Privacy:

Both apps give you the independence to decide whom you want to share your story with. In Snapchat, two options are available, either you share the story with everyone or just your friends. Meanwhile, on Instagram, if your feed is not public, just your friends will be able to see your story and vice versa.

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Concluding, the entire idea of introducing Instagram stories seems pointless given the minor differences in the two. It looks like Instagram would hardly affect the market of Snapchat and would have to work on something new real soon.