Jennifer Lawrence and Kit Harrington’s Fitness Secrets Revealed by Trainer, Dalton Wong!

Jennifer Lawrence
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When it comes to fitness, people look up to their favorite artists and like to follow their lead. Out of many celebrities, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kit Harrington are in our focus radar today.

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These two artists have a common trainer named Dalton Wong. Jennifer described how Dalton has helped her achieve the perfect curves that she has.

She said: “Dalton is different to other trainers because he understands what my body needs – how to exercise, when to unwind, how to enjoy food. Dalton taught me how to eat, move and live a delicious but healthy life. I will always thank him for that.”

Dalton revealed how he helps Kit and Jennifer stay in perfect shape. He explained that he has never been strict with his trainees to join gyms and make them do exercises that ain’t fun. Dalton has launched a book, FeelGood Plan, and has mentioned in it how people can work at home and stay fit. He has added 5 basic exercises that can be performed at home to keep oneself healthy.

Dalton mentioned that in order to stay motivated a person must choose an exercise which interests him. He said: “Try not to think of it as exercise, try to think of it as an activity that you like. If you are a fan of running, then pick a park that you like, if yoga is for you, book into a class. Make it fun! If it becomes a chore you won’t stick to it, so join a netball team, a basketball club, mix it up in the gym, choose something you actually enjoy.”

Dalton also shared about his own fitness secrets. He mentioned that he loves doing Jujitsu thrice a week. He also manages his time by spending it with his family and friends during the weekends which further relaxes his body and lightens his mood. He described that people need to find out a way to keep themselves motivated to stay healthy. Set a goal and then work hard enough to achieve it. Choose such activities that won’t bore you.

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He said: “Again, mix it up and change up your routine. Not only will it keep things interesting and avoid boredom, but also the body is so good at adapting that changing your workout will actually help you get fitter and stronger. So if you’ve been lifting weights for 4-6 weeks, change to a yoga class, if you’ve been doing an indoor workout, take it outdoors. Don’t keep doing the easy thing.”