Jennifer Lawrence’s Old Home Goes on Sale, Sells The Property for $1.7 Million

Jennifer Lawrence's old home

Jennifer Lawrence’s old home has been sold by the star for $1.7 million

The Hunger Games’ gorgeous actress, Jennifer Lawrence, has finally said goodbye to the house she has lived in since 2006. The starlet, who came from Kentucky to Los Angeles at the age of 14, stayed at a lavish home in Santa Monica.

 Jennifer Lawrence's old home
The well-equipped kitchen at Jennifer Lawrence’s old home. Image:

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 Jennifer Lawrence's old home
Living Room of Jennifer Lawrence’s old home. Image:

The beautiful star now lives in a US$ 7 million property at Hidden Hills in Beverly Hills. The house was previously owned by Ellen DeGeneres and Jessica Simpson before that. Her new home is next to Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s mansion.

Jennifer Lawrence’s old home included two bedrooms with attached washrooms, a separate dining room and a kitchen with marble counters.

 Jennifer Lawrence's old home
Dining room of Jennifer Lawrence’s old home. Image:

The wooden floors made the 1413 square foot house look extremely exquisite. The house also contains a patio near the living room. It has been revealed that Jennifer initially bought the house for US$879,000 in 2006. Given the amount she paid back then, the actress scored a great deal as she sold the property at profit.

 Jennifer Lawrence's old home
Master bedroom of Jennifer Lawrence’s old home. Image:

She has sold the house for $1.7 million in 2016. Though the actress stayed at the mansion for a long time but she maintained it really well. She didn’t need to spend a lot on its maintenance before putting it up for sale. Despite the fact that her new home is modern looking and includes everything new, Jennifer Lawrence’s old home cannot be considered anything less.

 Jennifer Lawrence's old home
En-suite washroom of Jennifer Lawrence’s old home. Image:

It had a large living room. The washrooms were furnished in black and white tones, her favorite colors probably. The two-bedroom house contained one master bedroom including an en-suite washroom furnished with cream colored tiles. Overall the house was very beautiful and a good place to live in.

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 Jennifer Lawrence's old home
One of the washrooms in Jennifer Lawrence’s old home.

Moreover if you know that your favorite star has spent years in a place, why wouldn’t you like to live in such a property. Even though Jennifer Lawrence’s old home is not hers any longer, it is likely that she might visit it again in some years to recall the memories. And what’s better than finding your beloved star at your front door someday?