Joseph Schooling Beats His Own Hero, Michael Phelps, During Rio Olympics 2016

Joseph Schooling

Beating the hero: Joseph Schooling versus Michael Phelps in Rio Olympics 2016!

It was an ordinary day when an average boy aged 14, Joseph Schooling, met Michael Phelps, the Olympic gold medalist in Singapore while the swimming star was in a training camp back in the year 2008. The boy asked his hero to take a photo with him, which he happily did. Schooling, now 21, beat the hero, who once inspired him, in 100 meter butterfly at Rio.

Joseph Schooling
Joseph Schooling and Michael Phelps back in 2008. Image: REUTERS

It is quite an interesting story as the American swimmer inspired the young Singaporean during his visit to Singapore, 8 years ago, with his team. Born and raised in Singapore, Schooling moved to America for training at the age of 14 only and joined Bolles School, Florida and then joined the University of Texas.

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Joseph Schooling
Joseph Schooling beat his hero, Michael Phelps and won the Olympic medal. Image: AP

The young swimmer has now won an Olympic gold for his tiny republic after beating his hero, Michael Phelps. Schooling’s parents expressed that although they hoped for his success, they could never expect this brilliance. His mother said in 2013 that if he gets in Olympics that would be great, but she hoped for a medal.

Well… That was nuts! Thank you for all the support and wishes. I'll seeya later rio 😀🏊🇸🇬 #rio2016🇧🇷

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21-year-old champ’s girlfriend also captioned his photo calling him a kid turned into a king. Schooling also posted his photo on Instagram thanking people for support. He looked stunned but very humble after beating Phelps. Phelps also posted the picture of them both in the pool, in which he looked very happy despite the lost race.

Joseph Schooling
Joseph Schooling, now 21, pictured with his hero, Michael Phelps. Image: AP

Phelps revealed that it was a proud moment for him as he recalled watching the young swimmer growing up and turned into first ever Olympic medalist.

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Schooling’s grandfather was Singapore’s ever first Olympian at the 1948 London Games. Schooling has earned medals from SA games, Commonwealth and the Asian games.

Joseph Schooling
Joseph Schooling and Michael Phelps. Image: Getty Image

The swimmer won a bronze medal during the 2015 championship held in Russia. He has also won the 100 and 200 butterfly at NCAA championships.

Singapore celebrated its medal earned by the swimming star beating swimmers from South Africa and Hungary, who gave a very tough competition. While referring to Phelps and himself, the Singaporean swimmer revealed his shock in an excited voice that it’s a crazy change in 8 years.