Justin Bieber Apologizes to His Fans for Being Nervous During His Performance on Radio 1 Live Lounge

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber performing at the Radio 1 Live Lounge.

It won’t be wrong to say that Justin Bieber is on the same verge of nervousness and panic attacks like his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. The Sorry singer was performing live on the Radio 1 Live Lounge this week, but unfortunately he couldn’t do so well.

On Thursday, the star took to his Twitter account and expressed regret over his “awkward” performance. He claimed that it was because of nervousness and even he was surprised for being so edgy as it had never happened to him in the past.

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Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber at Radio 1 Live lounge. Image: thecelebrityauction.co

The Love Yourself singer said: “I don’t usually get nervous but tonight I was through off and I was. Sorry about that. Really wanted to be my best. Hope u all had fun (sic).” Bieber presented his apology following several messages on Twitter by his fans regarding his performance.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber performing at Radio 1 Live Lounge. Image: nydailynews.com

The fans were very confused as to why Bieber seemed so down during the interview at the live show. Even though he blamed his nerves for letting him down, his fans have a different theory in mind. According to some of them, it has something to do with Selena – whom he still loves.

The fans who were curious about his interview left various comments on Twitter. One Belieber wrote: “Feel like this Justin bieber live lounge is the most awkward thing ever,” while another stated: “This Justin Bieber Live Lounge on @R1Breakfast is the most awkward thing I’ve ever listened to… (sic)”

But the singer looked comfortable while singing songs from his album in the show. He performed Let Me Love You, Love Yourself, Cold Water and What Do You Mean. He also performed the cover of Tract Chapman’s Fast Car in an amazing way.

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Bieber was even praised for singing 2 Pac’s Thugz Mansion. Many fans appreciated him and said it was the best part of the entire show. A follower on Twitter wrote: “I’m not even ashamed to say I’ve just sat in the van and enjoyed Justin Bieber cover Tupac in the Radio 1 live lounge (sic)”.