Justin Bieber DELETES His Instagram over Intense Drama with Selena Gomez

The Justin-Selena Instagram feud continues!

Wait! what? Justin Bieber DELETED his Instagram account on monday night after threatening his fans to stop the backlash directed towards his new rumored girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Deletes his Instagram account.
Photo: Instagram

Justin Bieber had already warned his fans to restrain from abusing his 17-year old model Sofia Richie or else he will make his account private.

“I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate, this is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like.”

Photo: Instagram/Justin Bieber
Photo: Instagram/Justin Bieber

Moments after he posted this ultimatum, fans started slamming him on the social media site, Instagram and to their surprise Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez came to rescue Beliebers!

Selena Gomez's comment on Bieber's picture
Selena slams Justin for hating on his fans.
Photo: Instagram

Obviously, the comment Selena made was sane and Beliebers soon started bowing Selena for being so intelligent, something Justin Bieber took as a disgrace upon himself; leading to a social media war between the two celebrities.

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Bieber fires back at Gomez. Source: Dailymail
Bieber fires back at Gomez. Source: Dailymail

The BEEF continued till monday night and the frenzy of fans over siding Selena and hating Sofia just did not seem to come to halt.

Justin Bieber and Sofia
Lovebirds: Justin Bieber and Sofia holding hands.

Selena after viewing the indirect accusation to have ‘used Justin for attention’ aggressively answered him with another claim and that too, for cheating her. Ouch! That must have come across as a stinging burn for Bieber.

The Disney star wrote:

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez replies to Justin Bieber’s indirect accusation of using him.
photo: Instagram

Alas! moments after she came with cheating allegations, Justin added fuel to fire and went public with his doubts regarding Selena and Zayn Malik’s hook up as he bluntly wrote:

To which Justin allegedly replied: I cheated…Oh and I forgot about you and Zayn [Malik]?”

The feud and the comments between the ex couple ‘Jelena’ appeared as a trending meltdown on twitter and hashtag #RipBeliebers soon began to spread worldwide.

Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez
Zayn Malik got dragged in the recent ‘Jelena’ feud.
Image: pinterest

That enormous amount of drama and pressure from all sides was was something Justin Bieber was not ready to put up with, thus he proved his words and went private on Instagram!

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On Monday night, Justin made his Instagram private for while-did exactly what he threatened. 

It didn’t take much time for the fans to retaliate against the Sorry hitmaker for making bad decisions and they rushed to condemn his badass attitude!

Well, the incident took yet another twist just when Justin DELETED his Instagram account and bade farewell to his 77.8 million Instagram followers out of what seems to be a mere decision of anger.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber back in the day –
Image Source: popcrush

Even if it was a private account, fans who followed him could still see his regular posts but removing his page was a step far ahead than what most of us expected.

Nearly 78 million Beliebers are left in and awe after the 22-year-old star dismissed the feud by deleting his account.

The 22-year old sorry singer followed his words and now offers nothing but a broken Instagram link that says: “isn’t available”. Tsk! Tsk!

Well, if Justin has deleted his account permanently, he has actually let his millions of fans down and in case its just a temporary deactivation, we sincerely hope to see the angry star soon again!