Justin Bieber Upsets Fans After Making a Very Rude Comment in Public

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber made a rude remark towards his fans - Image: GC Image

Justin Bieber is one of the top most celebs of the music world and, no doubt, fans love him. However, the Canadian pop star once again showed his dreadful side as he made a really rude remark towards his fans. Looks like the singer is still upset about what happened in Munich earlier.

The SORRY hit maker is currently making his way through the European leg of his Purpose world tour. Last night, Justin Bieber was in Norway along with his entourage and, as usual, a fan crowd was present there to get a glimpse of their favorite singer.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber made his way to Norway along with his entourage – Image: Instagram

However, Justin Bieber was in a really bad mood as he walked past the fans, refusing to stop or take photos with them. Fans still managed to capture a few photos in their phones but, suddenly, one of the eager fans came forward to say hello to Bieber. The singer lost his patience and made a rude remark in return, saying, “You guys suck.”

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The fans who heard Justin Bieber got really disappointed with the Canadian singer and were instantly upset with his rude remark. They then stepped back as Bieber made his way through the crowd. Looks like the singer is still upset with the Munich incident where an unknown party goer attacked him.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber was lunged at by the attacker as he tried to leave the venue – Image: TMZ

Justin Bieber was attacked by a fellow clubber while he was enjoying a great night at one of the busiest nightclubs of Munich. The Canadian pop star was pulled by his arm as he was making his way through the packed dance floor. However, all thanks to a German lady who was dressed as a barmaid; she pulled the attacker straight off and showed Bieber another way to leave the venue.

Well, whatever the reason might be, Justin Bieber’s rude remark has really hurt his supporters. They love him a lot and believe they deserve much better treatment than that.