Justin Bieber’s Ex Girlfriend, Sofia Richie, Looks Low-Spirited as She Leaves the Eatery in L.A.

Sofia Richie
Sofia Richie looked gloomy while leaving restaurant in L.A. - Image: XPOSUREPHOTOS

Looks like Justin Bieber’s ex girlfriend, Sofia Richie, is still feeling the after-aches of split from Canadian pop star!

The model was recently spotted quite low-spirited while leaving an eatery in Los Angeles. It has been noticed that she is preferring to dine alone lately.

Lionel Richie’s daughter dated SORRY hit maker for only a short period of time. But it seems as if the upcoming model has felt the break up real deep.

On Sunday, Sofia was pictured alone while leaving Craig’s eatery after eating her dinner for one. The model girl wasn’t having any company for the outing as she wanted to spend some time with herself.

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Bieber’s ex was keeping it low-key as she was dressed in a pair of leather cow-pants, a cropped hoodie and trainers for her night out.

The 18-year-old model girl flashed her stomach in a black hoodie that said ‘Hardcore’ which might be a message for her ex boyfriend, who isn’t much bothered about what happened in the past.

Sofia Richie kept it natural by dumping make-up for her night out and was pictured dispirited as she headed towards her car. Although the relationship did not last longer for the two but the happy memories are still haunting the blonde.

Justin Bieber's ex looked low spirited as she ehaded towards car - image: XPOSUREPHOTOS
Justin Bieber’s ex looked low spirited as she ehaded towards car – Image: XPOSUREPHOTOS

A source earlier claimed that Justin isn’t ready for any serious commitment, at least for now.

The relationship was short lived but Bieber and Sofia did share some steamy moments. The two sported a vacation in the U.S., Japan and Mexico. The estranged duo made many PDA’s and was even spotted kissing and cuddling during their Mexican holiday on a beach.

Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie
Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie on a romantic holiday in Mexico. Image: youtube

However, the hot and steamy fling did not reach to its happy ending as Bieber couldn’t afford settling down at the moment.

Apparently the Canadian pop prince wants to focus on his career alone at this time of his life!