Katy Perry Invites Taylor Swift to Party, Despite Their On-Going Feud

Katy Perry
Katy is extending a peace offering towards Taylor Swift!

Katy Perry has extended a peace offering towards Taylor Swift by inviting her to the Grammy’s party that she is throwing soon!

The two have been a part of an on-going feud since quite a long time, and Taylor’s hit song Bad Blood is said to have been inspired by their dispute.

Despite the pair’s feud that hit the stands back in 2014, Katy decided to end the long-running dispute by sending an invite to Taylor Swift for her Spotify party that is due to take place this coming Tuesday.

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Katy Perry
Katy Perry and Taylor Swift at the 2011 AMA’s – Image Source: Wire Image

Along with Swift, Katy also invited Adele, who has also been keeping her music off Spotify.

“It’s just up to their schedules,” Katy commented.

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Katy Perry is hosting a party which she has dubbed as the ‘Met Ball of Music’, exclusively for ‘creators’ only, rather than inviting other contributors such as the publicists, the managers, etc.

Katy Perry
Image Source: Katy Perry Instagram

She said to The New York Times:

“They are not creators. They’re important to the creation, but it’s only artists, producers and songwriters.”

“I’m trying to keep it as pure as possible because in the eight years that I’ve been going to these things, I am just always so exhausted,” she said about the party.

“And it’s a mixture of new and familiar artists, a combination of the past two years’ Grammy nominees and also [acts] from the Spotify Discover playlist.

“It’s Kacey Musgraves, Karen O, Miguel, Tove Lo, Shirley Manson, Max Martin. Then up-and-coming songwriters like Blood Pop and Bonnie McKee all under the same roof as Diane Warren. In some ways, I’m trying to start the Met Ball of music.”