Kylie Jenner Says She Didn’t Poke Fun at Justin Bieber for Deleting His Account!

Kylie Jenner

The internet had a laughter party also known as the ‘Justin Deactivated Party’ after Justin Bieber deleted his account on Monday. And we have to admit some of those were pretty hilarious.

But the most unexpected person to poke fun at Bieber was ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ starlet Kylie Jenner, who joined the party and tweeted: “Well I guess that makes me the 5th most followed person on Instagram”, now that Bieber isn’t on Instagram anymore.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner poked fun at Justin Bieber via a tweet. Image: Twitter

After the world LOLed at Jenner’s comment, she revealed that the tweet is indeed fake, as fans began sharing a tweet claiming the tweet to have been made by Kylie. So Justin can chill out now knowing Kylie Jenner didn’t poke fun at him.

Twitter users raced to tell Jenner on posting the perfect yet bitchy tweet, saying: “You are so savage Kylie.” But when one fan joked about the fashionista posting such a sassy thing: “Oh no you didn’t”, Kylie responded: “Yeah I actually didn’t. It’s fake.”

Boohoo, we were actually loving the idea of the reality star joining in on the #Justindeactivatedparty.

Many people don’t know that Kylie and Bieber go way back. And since she and JB are somewhat close friends, it’s highly unlikely that she would publicly humiliate Bieber like that. These days it’s difficult to differ between what’s real and what’s not (ahem), but unlike a lot of other people, at least Kylie came forward to clear out the rumor herself.

No baby it's not your fault❤️ #selenagomez @selenagomez

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Well, to be fair so did Selena. The songstress updated her Snapchat, with a caption saying, “what i did was selfish and pointless.” But guess who doesn’t care anymore because you were the one who needled the whole drama, even if the thought behind it was good.

Come to think of it, Selena gets herself stuck in these situations quite often. Remember the whole Taylor/Kanye/Kim snapchat drama when Gomez posted a tweet defending her BFF but then later on got struck by thousands of people for not raising her voice for important things. Poor Sel, I think it’s not what she says but it’s just how she ends up saying it gets her in trouble…