‘Late Night Snap Hacks’ May be Perfect for You, If You Don’t Go Out Much!

Late night snap hacks
Late night snap hacks. Image: www.b9.com.br

This world has the hacks to almost everything! With ‘Late night Snap Hacks’, You can now trick your friends into thinking that you’re out partying while sitting peacefully in the comfort of your couch.

If you are one of those people who don’t go out a lot and are tired of looking at your friends’ new Snapchat stories or if you love to go out a lot but do not have the means to do so, then read on.

A new website named Late Night Snap Hacks is the solution to all your problems. The site includes clips of different fun-filled places and with just one click, you can upload a video to your Snapchat story. Yeah, it’s that simple.

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The site has introduced videos which might give your friends an idea that you are not at your home. The clips are from some concerts, parties, bars, walk on a street and so on.

Late night snap hacks
Late night snap hacks. Image: trendhunter

Though until now there are only 10 clips that have been made available on Late night snap hacks but it seems that within a few days the site’s developer might need to add more videos. To top it off, the video clips contain background noise which wouldn’t give away your secret that you ain’t personally available at that place.

Late night snap hacks
Video clip of street filled with cars can now be used on Snapchat using Late night snap hacks. Image: producthunt

The founders of Casper are behind the concept of this website. Even though it’s more like a marketing stunt, but it’s way better than embarrassment in front of one’s friends, isn’t it? They have also added some clips from a dinner party, a street which is filled with many taxis and even a clip has been shot near a hot dog stall.

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There is an option in ‘Late night Snap hacks’ that lets you switch off the tracks playing in the video but you will have to be careful while recording a clip so as not to give away your secret. You may edit the clip too and by using appropriate filters, you can become the proud owner of that video and trick those friends who are always out sharing snaps of one outing or the other.