Liam Payne Would Soon Be Announcing News About His Fatherhood!

Liam Payne
Liam Payne and Cheryl Fernandez are probably going to announce about having a baby soon.

An amazing news for the fans of Liam Payne: The former One Direction band-mate is said to become a father real soon!

Liam was always the most calm and mature out of his band and now it looks like Liam and his girlfriend Cheryl Fernandez has finally made their relationship stronger than ever!

Though they themselves have not confirmed any such news as yet but their fans are happy about the rumor itself.

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Fans were curious that they didn’t see the pair together publicly for last 2 months and now they think it’s because they wanted to keep it a secret. Even though Liam didn’t reveal the big news to anyone,yet, but he has been asking Louis Tomlinson who is a father of 7 months old son Freddie, questions about fatherhood.

Long and successful day finally home to relax

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When Louis mentioned that Liam has asked him about parenthood, his fans were fast to understand that Cheryl might be pregnant. A fan asked:

“Cheryl is Pregnant?”

While another wrote:

“Holy crap guys this is serious!”

They have even started a hashtag on Twitter to celebrate the joyous moment.

Strike a pose .. (Obv💁🏻) #Vogue100

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A twitter user wrote:

“If anyone is confused he got Cheryl pregnant #LiamWeKnow WhatYouDid.”

Another fan added:

Liam is going to be a daddy. Yay so happy for him!”

Even though Louis didn’t himself notify that Liam has been asking him such questions but one of his friend’s mentioned that Liam’s been really keen in asking Louis about a lot of baby-related questions lately.

#cannes ✌🏼

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His friend added:

“Even Louis thought it was strange and asked him if Cheryl was pregnant. Liam ducked the question, but it left Louis a little surprised that he was being quizzed so much about it.”

Recently, Cheryl’s ad campaign for L’Oreal showed her in good health.

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Even Simon Cowell was talking about Cheryl earlier this year. He said that Cheryl would make an amazing mother and we totally agree with him!