Louis Tomlinson Forced to Change His Number After Being Sick of ‘Disgusting’ Messages


24 year old One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has been forced to change his number after receiving countless ‘Disgusting’ WhatsApp messages!

Seems like this young dad-of-one was tired of being bombarded with abusive messages on his number. The star could not take up the loathing anymore and ultimately had to change his digits.

Louis Tomlinson took to the popular social media site, Twitter, to express his rage over revolting text messages where his dude, Niall Horan, hopped in to support him as he was facing the same problem.

Louis Tomlinson
One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson used Twitter to complain about disgusting WhatsApp messages. Image: shemazing.net

Boy banders complained about the ‘losers’ who infuriated them by invading into their private lives and flooded their phones with hideous messages.

As Louis Tomlinson began tweeting, bandmate Niall Horan joined to battle against these ‘losers’.

Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson tweets about changing his number due to numerous disgusting messages.
Screenshot: Twitter

In this series of tweets, the two stars initially seemed very angry but then they started to sarcastically joke about trolling the haters by defeating them in an open rap battle.

Niall Horan & Louis Tomlinson
Bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan laughing together. Image: people.com

‘Time to change my number .. Getting some disgusting stuff on what’s app… Losers!’

In a quick reply to this tweet, heartthrob Niall Horan wrote:

‘@Louis_Tomlinson me too mate. Horrific some of the things people are saying.’

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Louis Tomlinson answered the band mate:

‘Maybe we should challenge them to a rap battle and destroy them in 64 bars?’

Niall replied:

‘That would be way too strong ! Would take us less than 64 bars, we’re sooooo good. I wonder when they’ll stop annoying us!’

Niall Horan
Louis Tomlinson jokes about challenging haters and destroying them in a rap battle. Screen shot: Twitter

As soon as One Direction stars exploded Twitter with their angry tweets, hashtag #RespectLouis began trending on this social media platform.

This came a few weeks after Niall Horan showed anger over a similar issue, when a fan took his picture while he was sleeping in the plane.

Niall Horan
Niall Horan slams fan for taking his picture in plane while he was sleeping. Image: Twitter

Apparently, stars get sick of fans trolling or sending them obnoxious messages. Just recently, the Sorry star, Justin Bieber was also brought to the point that he had to quit using Instagram as fans began backlashing his new rumored girlfriend Sofia Richie.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber deletes his Instagram account.
Image: Instagram

Time for the fans to learn some ethos and not make it impossible for the stars to survive in public.