Man Begot Quadruplets at 70, Daughter Shares What it was Like to Have a Late-Life Father

Mr.Toni del Renzio with his wife and quadruplets. Renzio became a father at the age of 70

A man begot quadruplets at the age of 70, his daughter now shared her feelings about what it was like to have a late-life, tottering dad.

70-year-old dad’s lovable daughter, Tamara del Renzio, shared her unforgettable memories of her father, Mr.Toni del Renzio. She revealed how Renzio was different in many ways than the fathers she and her siblings would encounter around other children. His way of loving was their birthdays.

Tamara Del Renzio, one of the quadruplets, reveals what it is like to have older parents

Tamara admitted that Renzio’s age would embarrass the siblings as he was even older than other children’s granddads.  The four siblings were born in the year 1985 when the couple decided to have an IVF treatment after ten years of their marriage.

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The duo went to Professor Robert Winston, who is one of the torchbearers for fertility doctors and strikingly, Mrs. Renzio became pregnant with four children. Renzio, being the oldest father of IVF babies, made headlines in the newspaper and was named The Quad Father.

Toni Del Renzio, 70, who had quadruplets after IVF treatment.

Tamara also unveiled her father’s unprecedented life as an Italian aristocrat. He has worked as an art critic, fashion editor, Surrealist painter and also as a university lecturer.

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The 30-year-old daughter confessed that there were times when the four of them: Pier-Luigi, Ivan, Lydia and herself, would long to have a middle-aged dad, dressed in jeans, who would come and take them home from school or who’d have the strength to take part in dads’ race on sports day. But now things have changed and in spite of his sonorous voice and old appearance, the foursome love him for his warmth and passionate love.

Mr. Renzio with his wife, Doris and quadruplets

Ms.Tamara also discussed the lurking menace of her father’s death, however, they did not miss the enjoyable moments of their lives despite everything because Mr.Renzio was always there for his children.

For Ronnie Wood, who has recently become a father of twins at the age of 69, Tamara said that the twin girls’ lives will also be filled with happiness and consternation going side by side. She added that it’s good that Ronnie and his wife Sally, 38, had two daughters, as it’s not easy to grow up alone when you are a child of elderly parents.

The quadruplets now adults, pictures in 2013

Further, she also said that the girls will prove to be a support to each other just like she and her siblings had been. Tamara, who is an author, expressed her hope that the girls will feel bestowed and unique to have a marvelous life in the protective world created by their late-life father for them.