Meet Jaquie Goncher, the Paralyzed Girl Who Walked Down the Aisle with the Help of Love and Faith!

Jaquie Goncher

True love can move mountains. Though until now, it was only thought of as a saying, but it was visible at the wedding ceremony of the 25-year-old Jaquie Goncher. You must be wondering what was so different about her wedding. So let me fill you in with her story.

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Jaquie from Georgia, loved to swim but unfortunately her favorite sport took away her walking ability from her. At the age of 17, she dived into her friend’s swimming pool and due to an injury to her spinal cord, was paralyzed neck down. Her doctors took away her entire hope by revealing that she won’t be able to walk again.

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But Jaquie didn’t lose hope. When her now husband, Andy Goncher, came in her life, he gave her the purpose to fight with her disability. With his love, determination and therapy, Jaquie surprised everyone at her wedding day.

Don't mind me. I'll just be the girl sobbing over how amazing God is!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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As it’s a dream of every bride to walk down the aisle on her big day, Jaquie Goncher wanted the same for herself. Though she used to see a physical therapist and was able to walk a little by holding onto a wall, but that was not enough. She didn’t want to sit in her wheel chair to get to Andy.

She wanted more. She wanted to stand at her wedding ceremony and not only that, she also wanted to dance with her husband. To achieve her goal, Jaquie started to work harder with her physical therapist and also joined a gym. Andy knew all about her little secret and encouraged her.

She said: “I wanted to have the endurance to enjoy the wedding without the chair.” She explained that leaving her mother’s home helped a lot, as she was self-sufficient at the time.

On her wedding day, she felt very tense. She said: “The entire time before the wedding, I thought I was gonna throw up.” But Jaquie Goncher mustered up courage and reached near the aisle on her wheelchair. That’s when the miracle happened. With the help of her mother and grandfather, Jaquie actually stood up and went towards Andy.

Everyone who saw her walking had tears of happiness in their eyes. She not only walked towards Andy, but also danced with him. During her wedding, Jaquie could be seen standing for over 4 hours, when initially it was hard for her to stand even for half an hour. She revealed: “What kept me going was my strength in God.”

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Jaquie Goncher agreed that she has been so used to roaming around on a wheelchair that now she feels uncomfortable without it. But she revealed that she has been trying to get rid of her habit of sitting in a wheelchair all the time. She said: “It’s more of a mental challenge for me now.” She mostly uses it when going out because if nobody’s around to help her she can use the washroom on her own.