Michael Buble Defends Justin Bieber’s Poor Decisions and Mistakes

justin bieber
Michael Bubble and Justin Bieber - Image: NBC

Canadian singer and actor, Michael Buble, defended fellow singer Justin Bieber. He claimed he expected him to make mistakes, as the Canadian pop prince grew up under the limelight.

The Feeling Good singer told Stellar magazine that he’s happy he didn’t get famous during his early years, as it allowed him to make his mistakes and not get registered in the public eye for them. Buble was asked if there’s any hope left for Justin Bieber, to which he replied:

“I f**king fully expect Justin Bieber to make poor decisions… I know this sounds crazy, but I think he could have done a lot worse. ‘I can’t imagine the pressure of being constantly judged in the public eye,”
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber’s mistakes got filmed each time for everyone else to see, says Buble – Image: WireImage

Michael Buble, who has won four Grammy Awards, said that everyone makes poor decisions and has their mistakes while growing up. It’s something very human but unlike others, Bieber’s got filmed for everyone to see.

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Buble also said that he’s happy he got a ‘perspective’ before entering into the spotlight life, because he grew up with little money in pocket. He claimed that he expected Bieber to do a lot worse but he did not. Well, okay!

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Bieber is currently making a way through the European leg of his Purpose tour but has been given a court warning to return to Florida within 30 days. This is for a deposition of a case opened a couple of years, when Bieber’s bodyguard allegedly hit a pap and damaged his camera.

The judge has ordered Justin Bieber to get back to Miami or a writ of bodily attachment will be issued and deputies will be sent for a face arrest.