New Selfie Trend of #BeardsfromBelow Goes Viral But Instagram Users Are Left Puzzled!

Men have been taking pictures of their #BeardsfromBelow and internet is going crazy. Image: Instagram

#BeardsfromBelow is a new trend on Instagram, due to which men have been taking selfies of their beards from below and Instagram users have been left puzzled like anything.

You must be thinking is that the back of an alien head? Let’s Do a Double Take! You need to look twice before you can surely decide what are you are really looking at.

The weird pictures have been clicked from below while looking upwards, but you can barely decide what you are looking at during your first glance.

New craze #beardfrombelow beardlife #beardthefuckup #beard #man

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More than 100 pictures have already been shared on Instagram and the trend of posting pictures under #BeardsfromBelow is still going viral.

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I'm not one to follow a trend but #beardfrombelow #beardsoflondon #beardsofinstagram #instabeard

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Different men have been posting bamboozling pictures of their beards from bottom. It looks as if the men don’t have faces but only tiny ears in few of the pictures. In other selfies, where the ears appear shrouded, the shape looks different altogether.

I don't get it but here it is anyways. #beardfrombelow

A photo posted by The Real Dustin Morris (@dustinmorris81) on

The startling pictures show the neck and a stubble sitting on top of it, as if the eyes and nose were removed. This new selfie trend of capturing photographs from downside has literally turned everything upside down.

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#BeardBuddy #BILF #Bored #BeardFromBelow

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Social media has been going crazy over these bizarre photos while people are doing a double take to solve the mystery of the weird selfie trick.

Tomorrow is the start of November. This is how I start the month of supposed #noshaving #beardfrombelow

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An Instagram user commented on a photo: “Took me a long time to figure out what I was looking at. It looks like the hair you pull out of a drain.” Whereas another online user wrote: “Omg why?! For a moment that looks like the back of someone’s head with tiny little ears.”

#beardfrombelow #hefe #instasnapchat #famous #beard #beardedbrothers

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There were also few artistic selfie makers who even drew cartoons, sunglasses or different shapes on their necks which made it even more difficult for the viewers to guess what the picture was really all about.

So, do you have a beard? Go grab your phone, click a #BeardfromBelow and join in the crazy race!