Niall Horan Left Red-Faced After a Supposed Fan Said No One Cares About Him in Canada

Niall Horan
Image: MirrorUK

Irish lad and One Direction member, Niall Horan, recently released his own solo track, This Town. While he has been globally acknowledged and praised for it, this one fan put him down to a nobody!

Niall Horan recently appeared on Kyle and Jackie O show where the 23-year-old singer sported a question/answer session with fans. The program was live and was going great until a throwaway comment made things pretty awkward. A caller said no one really cares about the singer in Canada.

Niall horan
Niall appeared on Kyle and Jackie O show. Image: KIIS FM

“Tell [your fellow students] you’re on the line with Niall right now and they will totally lose their minds, go on,” said Kyle to the caller named Eve, to which she bluntly replied, But I live in Canada, no one really cares…” Ooops!

Niall Horan was left red-faced and pretty embarrassed at the comment but tried to ease the situation by laughing at it nervously. However, the awkwardness did not end there; Kyle dragged the situation and said, What do you mean they won’t care? Freaking Niall’s on the phone!”

Co-host, Jackie, jumped in and tried to take control of the situation, saving Niall from further humiliation as he said, “Oh sorry buddy… we would chop that out if we weren’t live,” After that, Jackie immediately moved on to another call.

Niall Horan
1D lads: Harry, Liam, Niall, & Louis. Image: Billboard

Niall Horan has just released his solo music and his fans are going crazy about it. ‘This Town’ has already been labelled No.1 globally and has topped Billboard charts.

Well, we guess awkward things happen sometimes even if you are a One Direction lad… It’s okay, Niall Horan; everyone knows you’re amazing!