North Korea Opens Arms for First Beer Festival!

North Korea

Whenever we hear about North Korea, we always think about bans and things that are not allowed by the regime, but this news will be a shocker for many. This Friday, the capital, Pyongyang, hosted country’s first ever beer festival!

The festival was one of its kind and more than 800 people attended it.

North Korea
North Korea hosted a beer festival to promote the home brewed Taedonggang beer. Image: AP

CCTV+ shared that this festival will be celebrated for 20 days. The festival was organized to promote the home brewed Taedonggang beer. The name of the beer is after the landmark, Taedong River. The event was also organized at the same place to honor its origin.

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The opening ceremony of the fun event was attended by 500 guests, who enjoyed the event with fried chicken and live performances.

The celebration of this beer festival comes after the world condemned North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, for his desire to have greater number of nuclear arms. Kim has also promised to bring economic reforms in the country and raise the bar of living standards.

North Korea
North Korea hosted its first ever beer festival. Image: AP

The director of the General Bureau of Public Service, Choe Yong Nam said in the opening address of the event: “This Pyongyang Taedonggang Beer Festival, held on the charming and beautiful Taedong riverside, is a significant occasion, which shows the superiority and vitality of our own-style socialist system, which is all about the people.”

Back in 2008, a New York TImes article described the local beer, Taedonggang beer as “full-bodied lager a little on the sweet side, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.”  The beer is only available in North Korea and its limited quantities are also distributed to the neighboring country, China.